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Dance Guide

Dance Photography Guide

Dance Photography Bring your Order form with your exact payment and completely filled out to the dance. Come early!!

This years Photography will be provided by Photoz by Kelly

We have several packages and some Fun special packages and products for you to select from

Our goal is to provide great photo memories at a very reasonable cost and the best quality!

This guide is to help you and your date prepare for your photo memories and save you money and time.

Please read all the information carefully and write us if you have any questions at

• Photo times….

Evening times 7:30 - 10:30

• Packages

We have 9 packages and a couple of specials , all packages will be mailed directly to you two weeks following the dance ADD a photo CD and recive your digital file

• Poses

We will help you with your pose, see our guide and samples at the dance prior to having your photo taken. Poses can be very traditional to very unique, We like to make sure your outfits show along with expression, some packages include a FUN pose. Poses that are too explicit will not be allowed

• Backgrounds

There will be 2 different backgrounds and a separate group background for you to choose from. Only one background per package. If you want more than one background you can order a separate package.

• Group photos

Group packages are available in groups of 3 to 30 or more.

$10 per person in group and they will receive a 4x6 that night! add us as your friend on Facebook and receive $5 off your group 4x6

• Guarantee

We Guarantee your 100% satisfaction We will make any corrections needed or we will refund your money, just return you COMPLETE package to the studio within 5 days and we will refund your money no questions asked

Order forms

E-mail us for a order form. Fill out completely and have it ready along with your payment prior to coming to the dance. Order forms are available at the dance also but will only slow your time down having your photos taken.

All photos are prepaid that evening We guarantee 100% moneyback satisfaction

Fill out your order form COMPLETELY and write clearly as this is your mailing label also.

Payments in CASH and Checks accepted Visa Mastercard accepted you must bring the card to the dance or call ahead 775-827-5710 for Approval

Copyright All photography is copyright protected under Federal Law This includes posting on websites or copies of any kind. Not limited to Cell phones, video or personal use of any kind


We suggest you come as soon as you arrive and not wait until the last minute after you have been dancing and all sweaty. There will be two lines, one for each backdrop If you come back and the lines are too long we suggest that you check back after about 30 minutes, the longest lines will be between 8:30 and 9:30 for the regular photo times. You must have a completed Order form and payment before you can get in line for your photos. Download and print a form here and have your payment ready with exact change before coming to the dance and you will get right through. If you do need help we will be happy to help you that night or you can call us at the studio. 827-5710


If you have a prop, hat, coat or anything that you want in your photo have it ready when you get in line, otherwise you may not have in your photo or will have to get back in line.


NO personal cameras, video, cell phone cameras allowed NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

You will be asked to leave the photo area if you are not following this rule.

Only the people in the photo are allowed in the photo area. This is a really busy area and we want to keep the line moving so once you are done with your photo we ask that you exit and return to the dance.

There will be a lot of people in line to have their photos taken. No cutting in line to be with your friends. Everyone has to wait. You may be asked to go to the end of the line if you are caught cutting

FUN you have to have fun!! Smiling helps and saying thank you!!

The photo area will start with a display of our packages and some Posing guides

There will be an information desk with extra order forms and a staff member to help with questions and for those who need change.

If you already have your order form and payment ready you may proceed past the check in table to one of the lines.

Each line is for a different background

Select which background you want and get in that line

you must have your form, e-mail and payment ready, don’t be late or you will lose your time and have to get in a regular line.

Once in line, think about a pose you would like. When it is your turn for photos follow the photographer to the photo area for your background. Tell the photographer the pose you would like. If you have a two pose package make sure and tell the photographer, the traditional pose will be your first pose and the “FUN” pose will be the second pose, if you have more than one package and want a different pose tell them that also. If you think you blinked please tell us

After having your photo taken and wait until they tell you it’s ok to leave then exit the photo area and head back to the dance.


Retouching... are photos retouched? Not normally, we find that at formal events most of the girls will have done their makeup and the face images are much smaller than I a traditional portrait However, if you have a blemish or just want a little extra to your photos we do offer a retouch service, see the price list

Personal cameras, can my parents come and take their own photos No, we do not allow personal cameras of any kind including cell phone cameras or videotaping

Copies, can we copy photos and have them made somewhere else? No, our photos are copyright protected by federal law and anyone caught copying them may be subject to fines up to $25,000 per copy

Facebook , . Add us as your friend or....(you must do this within 10 days after recieving your Dance photos) You may purchase a jpg for that use only after you receive your photos or add them to your package, There is a special package that includes the image on a cd, see price list and specials for details

How long till we receive our photos? We ship first class mail two weeks after the event so you should receive the photos within a couple of days after we ship them.

Reorders, Once we receive the photos can we reorder them and how long do you keep them on file? YES you can reorder photos at our reorder prices, you will receive a reorder form in the package. Keep this as it has your reorder code, Reorders are available for 30 days after you receive your photos

What if there is something wrong or we just don’t like our photos? Call the studio Immediately and tell us your concerns so we can help you, If you just don’t like the photos you can return them within 5 days for a complete refund, You must return the entire package, If there is any problems with your package we will correct it immediately


Can we split our package between the background, unfortunately each package is from one pose. You may order two packages and use one at each background!

Photo Packages

2 Instant Keychains $10

Snowglobes $10 each, 2 for $15

A: 4-8x10, 4-5x7, 24-wallets BONUS 2-5X7 2ND POSE $80 Add Image on CD $10

B: 3-8X10, 2-5x7, 4-3X5 16 wallets $65 Add Image on CD $15

C: 2-8X10 4-5x7, 8-wallets $45 Add Image on CD $20

D: 2-5x7,4-3X5 8-wallets $30 Add image on CD $25

E: 2-3X5, 8-wallets $20 Add Image on CD N/A

Dance Photo A La Carte & Boutique


1-8x10 $15

2-5X7 $15

4-3X5 $15












Look your best with our retouching service, Blemishes, scars or just total glam look!

Group Special 1-4x6

per person $10 W/O package purchase

$5 w/package purchase